16-year-old girl committed suicide

Why 16-year-old girl committed suicide, Leaves suicide note adressing PM Modi

16-year-old girl committed suicide, Leaves suicide addressing PM Modi. A teenage girl who had been disturbed for a long time due to the rise of corruption and deforestation. She shot herself dead in Bareilly Uttar Pradesh. A 16-year-old girl allegedly ended her life as she was tensed over the rise in pollution and corruption.

The teenager shot herself in the head after writing down a suicide note which is addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

When did The 16-year-old Girl commit Suicide and how?

This girl took the step on the occasion of Independence Day in Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh. The Girl used to study at a private school in Babrala. She only wrote an 18-page suicide note in which she revealed her desire to meet Prime Minister Modi. 

What was written on Suicide Note?

The girl wrote 16 pages of suicide note before committing suicide. She addressed Prime minister Narendra Modi in her note. She expressed her goal of meeting with PM Modi.

In the suicide note, the 16-year-old girl wrote about concerning pollution, corruption, and deforestation. The girl claimed that she had been disturbed due to rising social evils. In the suicide note, the girl mentioned that she wanted to discuss the aforementioned issues with PM Modi. The girl requested PM Modi to curb the rising population and ban crackers during Diwali, she wrote in her suicide note. She added that a ban should also be imposed on chemical-based colors used on Holi,

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