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Uttrakhand is going to restart it’s boating in famous Naini Lake from September 1

Naini Lake is one of the famous tourist spot in Nainital, Uttrakhand. It is basically the chief attraction of the small hill station. Tourist prefer boating so as to view the hill station. And boating was prohibited from March due to Corona outbreak. which affected many local livelihoods, as it was the source of income for locals. Now it has been decided in a meeting between officials to resume boating from 1st September, 2020.

Naini Lake in Uttrakhand is now resuming Boating from September 1

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“A meeting was held earlier also but the boat operators committee was reluctant to start operations due to lack of tourists. Now they are ready to operate as some tourists have started arriving,” Ashok Kumar, chief executive officer, Nainital municipality said.

According to officials of the Nainital municipality, 222 rowing boats and around 60 pedal boats ply in the lake. The livelihood of over 300 boatmen depends upon boating. They were sitting idle during the lockdown when hardly any tourists were coming to the state.

Kumar said, “It will be the duty of boat owners and boatmen that tourists maintain social distancing and wear face masks while enjoying boating. They will have to follow other guidelines during the booking of tourists and continuous sanitization of the boats.”

Ram Singh Bisht, president, Boat Operators Committee, Nainital said, “As some tourists have started to come in the last few weeks, they decided to start boating services and spoke to officials concerned about it. Also, it is not possible for us to stay away from our profession as it is our source of earning our livelihood.”

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