US fighter jet comes close to Iran plane, injured passengers

US fighter jet

US fighter jet came close to Iran plane and passengers in Iranian plane got injured. As the US jet fighter approached, Iranian plan pilot had changed altitude immediately to avoid collision with a US fighter jet, Several passengers on an Iranian airline have been injured over Syrian airspace.

Iran said on Friday a “US fighter jet harassed an Iranian civilian airliner in an act of terrorism which injured and panicked passengers.”

IN response to this, US Central Command said a single F-15 had made a visual inspection of the Iranian airliner “in accordance with international standards” to ensure the safety of coalition personnel at the military base in Al Tanf.

“Once the F-15 pilot identified the aircraft as a Mahan Air passenger plane, the F-15 safely opened distance from the aircraft.”

US Central Command said the US F-15 was on a routine mission in Syria

US fighter jet

The US statement came after Iranian state media Press TV reported that fighter jets conducted “dangerous” maneuvers close to an Iranian passenger plane.

The Iranian plane that belongs to Mahan Air, was heading from Tehran to Beirut on Thursday when the pilot staged a safety manoeuver, in an incident. Abbas Mousavi said the necessary legal and political action would be taken, according to the foreign ministry website.

Israel and the US have long blamed Mahan Air for shipping weapons for Iranian-connected guerrillas in Syria and somewhere else.

Injured Passengers Statement

“I don’t know what happened. A black plane came close to our plane and our plane lost its balance. I was sprung up and my head was banged against the ceiling,” the unnamed passenger said to IRIB reports.

Another passenger said: “It was a fighter jet. A fighter jet was literally sticking to our plane. We lost balance and bounced up and down.”

All the travelers left the plane, some with minor wounds, the top of the Beirut air terminal

Passengers Feel Harrassed

Laya Joneydi, vice president for legal affairs, said Iranian media “The harassment of a passenger plane on the territory of a third country is a clear violation of aviation security and freedom of civilian aircraft,”

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif also blamed the United States of risking a disaster.

He said “U.S. illegally occupies territory of another State and then harasses a scheduled civil airliner—endangering innocent civilian passengers—ostensibly to protect its occupation forces. Audacity to compound lawlessness upon lawlessness These outlaws must be stopped before disaster”


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