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Two brothers from Chandni Chowk hang themselves at their jewellery shop.

Two brother, both had the same business of jewellery were suffering from financial losses in their business and were being continuously threatened by the money lenders. They were in so much trouble and were not able to repay the loan they took from the lenders, As said by their family members. They both hang themselves in their own jewellery shop in the Walled City’s Chandni Chowk ok Wednesday afternoon, police said.

Two Brothers from Chandni Chowk hang themselves at their jewellery shop due to the financial crisis in the COVID-19 situation.

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The brothers, aged 47 and 42, left behind a “suicide note”, in which they blamed their “poor financial condition” for their step but did not “name” any person. Their family members said that the brothers were being thrashed and threatened by the musclemen badly because they were not able to repay the interest on loan they took from the lenders, due to the amid Covid-19 situation.“The family verbally made the allegations. Their statements are being recorded in writing. The allegations will be verified and further action will be taken accordingly,” deputy commissioner of police (north) Monika Bhardwaj said. The family lives in North Delhi, elder brother was married and had two children, and the younger brother was unmarried.

“We want police to call those people. They should not be harassing someone so much so that the person kills himself. Today, my brothers died. We don’t want anyone else to take a similar step,” the brother said.

He alleged that his two brothers were being “harassed” daily since the lockdown. “When business was shut during the lockdown, how could have they paid the money,” he alleged.

“Many moneylenders used to come to the showroom and torture them (the two brothers). They used to ask them to consume poison if they did not have money to pay,” an employee of the showroom told the media persons, saying he had been working there for nearly 15 years. Yogesh Singhal, president of the bullion and jewellers’ association of Kucha Mahajani, Chandni Chowk, released a video statement regarding the incident. “The death of the two brothers is disturbing news for the jeweller fraternity. The jewellery business is affected because of the Covid-19 pandemic and jewellers have become debt-ridden. The moneylenders harass them for getting back their money,” he said.