Two Boeing 777 VVIP planes arriving in India till september

Boeing 777 VVIP

Two custom-made Boeing 777 VVIP planes are ready to arrive in India till September. Senior Authorities stated, on Monday that Boeing 777 planes will be utilized to fly Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other top Indian dignitaries that are probably going to be conveyed by Boeing to Air India by September

In October a year ago, government authorities had said that the conveyance of these two planes, which are reserved for VVIP travel just, would be done by July. Due to Coronavirus pandemic “There has been some delay, primarily because of COVID-19. The two planes are likely to be delivered by September,” the officials said on Monday.

The two Boeing 777 airplane will be operated by pilots of the Indian Air Force and not of Air India. At this moment, the Prime Minister, the President, and the Vice President utilize Air India”s B747 planes to fly, which have the call sign ”Air India One”.

 Boeing 777 VVIP

India is all set to go to get two wide-bodied Boeing 777-300ERs to fill in as the new VIP transport for the President, Vice President, and Prime Minister. The new flies will show up in September 2020 as a substitution to the aging B747s that have up to this point filled in as Air India One.

Air India pilots fly these B747 airplanes for the dignitaries and the AIESL looks after them. At the point when these B747 airplanes are not flying the dignitaries, they are utilized by the Indian national transporter for business activities.

But the Boeing 777 planes will be used to travel VVIP only.

Boeing 777 VVIP planes’ strength and features

 Boeing 777 VVIP

Boeing 777 VVIP planes are constructed with missile defense systems and self-protection suites.

The planes fabricated at Boeing’s office in Dallas (USA) are retrofitted with cutting edge military safeguard frameworks and a reconfigured cabin. The plane will include twin GE90-115 motors, a variation of the motor made for the – 300ER. It can fly at 900kmph.

The plane’s development barrier frameworks will call for preparing of pilots under Indian Air Force instructors/

The planes cost $190m buy and were tweaked simply after a gesture from the US State division endorsement because of its military nature.

One of the frameworks is simply the Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures (LAIRCM) and Self-Protection Suites (SPS)

These frameworks will ensure the airplane if there should arise an occurrence of a tragic occasion of its enduring harm noticeable all around.

For the security of the president, PM, flying in them, the legislature has settled on best in class military barrier frameworks to be fitted into those planes


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