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Sofia Kenin Progresses Towards Second Grand Slam Title In One Season

Sofia Kenin seems to be back in the game as she comes back to the pitch for her second Grand Slam title of 2020. Fans are holding their breaths for her to beat Petra Kvitova in the French Open Finals.

sofia kenin

Sofia Kenin Proved Herself In The Australian Open

The 21-year-old teens player surprised the World when she won the Australian Open Match in January. During the Match she showcased her well-planned strategies with the scoreboard of 6-4 7- 5.she won her first Grand Slam title there. Kenin, with her first French Final, show exceptional talent and hard work by defeating Petra with +4. She will now be taking over the 19-year-old Iga Swiatek on Saturday this week.

The upcoming Match will be her Trophy decider. In an Interview, Iga said that she would not be an “underdog” anymore. She admitted that her tennis achievement makes it difficult for her to concentrate on her studies.

Petra Kvitova Hoped To Make A Comeback In French Open Finals

Petra Kvitová

After the horrific experience of being stabbed in her home in December 2016, Petra wanted to make a comeback. She was planning to secure her mark with the French Open Finals. As she reached the Quarter Finals, she became emotional while talking about her journey. Petra revealed that throughout the time that she was recovering from the incident, her priority was to make a comeback with the right Match.

So far, Petra is the most experienced of the four Semifinalists of the French Open. This puts Kenin under tremendous pressure, especially in the second set where she needs to be consistent to break the serve. Till now Kenin has shown her talent and capabilities to ensure that she is worthy of the Grand Slam title. Even though there were a few disappointments in the previous matches, she earned herself another chance to win.

If Kenin wins the second Grand Slam title, she would be the first woman to have won more than one Grand Slam Titles in a season since 2016 when Angelique Kerver achieved the same in Melbourne and New York.