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Smugglers caught in Texas with 16 illegal immigrants

Smugglers, who were responsible for a child getting separated from his parents, was caught in Texas by the Border Patrol agents. The authorities had previously cautioned that the incident could have left the child vulnerable under the control of total strangers.

The officials informed that 16 illegal migrants from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Ecuador were detained where a van was stopped at the I-35 checkpoint north of Laredo on 8th October. A Honduran couple who were married reported that the smugglers had alienated them from their nine-year-old son.

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They informed the agents that their son was not able to fit in the van so the smugglers said that he would “follow up” with them, but they did not understand the meaning of it and were afraid that they wouldn’t see their son again.

Search for the son

This prompted a “Be On the Lookout” signal by agents, and after two hours they blocked a minivan which had four people in it at the same turnpike. The child aged nine, as described by the parents was in the van with the other people.

Actual document proof was presented by the parents as the driver of the minivan claimed that the child was hers. The parents were handed over the child and the driver, who was a U.S. citizen, was sent to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations unit.

Laredo Sector’s Chief Patrol Agent Matthew Hudak stated that the incident was an instance of “the lack of concern human smugglers have for the people they exploit for profit.”

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Warning against smugglers

“Smugglers not only transport large groups in confined spaces without PPE, exposing them and our communities to possible COVID-19 infection, but they are also willing to separate a young child from his parents,” he added.

Officials cautioned that the boy could have been marketed or smuggled to someplace or someone as the parents were no longer in the country if they had not recovered him.

“If not for the vigilance of the agents who only had a physical description to go on, this child would have been taken by smugglers further into our country without his family, and left helplessly under the control of strangers,” Hudak alerted. “Putting your life, and the life of your family, in the hands of vicious and callous criminal organizations is a potentially fatal mistake.”