Roger stone’s prison sentence commuted by The President Trump

Roger Stone

Trump reduces Roger Stone’s prison sentence

Washington: President Donald Trump on Friday commuted the prison sentence of his longtime ally Roger Stone and he had to report to a federal prison to serving his term

Roger Stone had been sentenced in February to three years and four months in prison for lying to Congress, witness tampering and obstructing the House investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election. He was a longtime Republican operative, was convicted of obstructing a congressional investigation into Mr. Trump’s 2016 campaign and possible ties to Russia. Prosecutors convinced jurors that he lied under oath, withheld a trove of documents, and threatened an associate with harm if he cooperated with congressional investigators. Mr. Stone maintained his innocence and claimed prosecutors wanted him to offer information about Mr. Trump that he said did not exist.

He was set to report to prison by Tuesday.

The Associative press was told by Roger Stone that trump had contacted him to tell the news about commutation and he also said to the press that The president Donald Trump has saved his life

White House statement :

The announcement came after a federal appeals court denied Roger’s emergency motion to delay his July 14th surrender date

“Roger Stone has suffered badly,” THE WHITE HOUSE said in a statement. He had been treated unfairly since there were many others in this case. Roger Stone is now a free man

Roger Stone’s lawyer “Robert Buschel,” said “We are grateful and relieved and very happy and incredibly honored that The president used this unique power under the act of constitution of The United States for this act of mercy”

Democrats slam this act of mercy

The Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden said the commutation was another example of Trump acting as though he is above the law. “Still true,” Biden tweeted about a comment from 2019 in which he named Stone and others as Trump associates “who flout our laws.”

On Friday Night, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., Rachel Maddow on MSNBC said “What we’re seeing today is an appalling overture … from the president saying, ‘If you lie for me, if you cover up for me, I will reward you. On the other hand, if you are a rat and you cooperate then like a Mafia boss, I will come after you,”.

Biden said in his tweet that “We shouldn’t be surprised that he thinks he is above the law. We deserve better as a country,”


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