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Reason behind San Diego Museum Changes Its Name ‘Museum of Man’ to ‘The Museum of Us’

San Diego Museum of Man is changing its name to Museum of US in an effort to be more inclusive. ‘Museum of Man’ this name had given to the Museum in 1942 which means Anthropology .Anthropology means the scientific study of human behavior, past and present human societies ,norms and values and the affect of language on social life.

The museum posted on Facebook early Sunday morning that it will now go by the “Museum of Us. The post stated “After operating as the San Diego Museum of Man for over 40 years, it is time we step into a new identity that better reflects our values of equity, inclusion, and decolonization,”

Museum of San Diego requests new name i.e ‘The Museum of US’

The search for a museum new name started in 2018.The current name ‘ Museum of Man ‘ Subsequent to working for over 40 years, San Diego’s Museum of Man declared Sunday that it has formally changed its name to the Museum of Us.

The procedure to move its longstanding name and logo, which occurred over two-plus years, was meant to better represent its “new public commitment to inclusiveness and being a force for positive social change,” museum officials said.

The post on twitter stated “we step into a new identity that better reflects our values of equity, inclusion, and decolonization. Today, we are proud to announce our new name: Museum of Us”

Museum of Us trustee Nora Taylor Jaffe said. “Changing our name corrects the exclusion of all who do not identify with the word Man, and welcomes folks to a place that’s about ‘All of Us’ – which also happens to be our new tagline,” 

Shannon Fowler, the museum’s director of marketing and communications stated that “Our current name served us for 70 years, and now it is time to select a new name that better reflects our values … better describes all the people we serve and the stories we want to tell and fully embodies our mission of inspiring human connections by exploring the human experience,”

The museum hall has been a piece of Balboa Park since its finishing for the 1915 Panama-California Exposition.

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