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People are Trending #uninstallphonepay on Twitter

Trending #uninstallphonepay: At first, fans ignored Sadak-2 trailer because of nepotism, the trending topic nowadays after Sushant Singh Rajput’s mysterious death. Fans are in full mode of ignoring stars and their children’s movies or any other activity so that fresh and raw talent can get an equivalent chance. Recently the fan’s hatred could be seen easily when Mahesh Bhatt production released the trailer of Sadak-2, it got more than 6.8 lakh dislikes on youtube. And now the hashtag #uninstallphonepay is trending on twitter.

fans are Trending #uninstallphonepay since they demand to change the face of Phonepe ambassadors.

it seems that fans are not in the mood to spare celebrities and nepotism, they are so much disappointed by the death of Sushant’s mysterious death that they are totally against nepotism. after ignoring star movies, now they are demanding from Phonepay to change the face of their brand ambassadors.

one has tweeted that Phone pay has made Alia Bhatt and Aamir Khan their brand ambassador because they are stars, and this nepotism will never give chance to the new stars, who don’t have a godfather in the industry. people have started uninstalling Phone pay after seeing Alia Bhatt and Aamir Khan on their ads. one tweeted, ” Phone pay we want fresh faces, better avoid anti India Nepo’s and anti India outsider’s.. Indian’s won’t accept this anymore..” other tweeted, ” you deserve to be uninstalled. you deserve 1 star rating and you deserve to be unused by your customers. you promote Nepotism shame on you”. ” boycott Nepo kids, to avenge murder of SSR.. i will, – not watch any show they appear, -not buy any product they appear, – not use anything they sponsor, – please give rating t phone and message on playstore after uninstalling”, others tweeted in the hope that brands will start giving opportunities to the fresh talent. production houses will be left with no choices if people will not support them. they will have to introduce newcomers.

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