NASCAR hosts largest crowd as fans attend All-Star Race at Bristol track

NASCAR hosts largest crowd

NASCAR hosts the largest crowd at star sporting events in Bristol since the pandemic began. There were 30,000 spectators to be allowed to attend Wednesday night’s race sporting event. But almost 20,000 spectators were to have appeared in the Bristol sports racing event. They were socially distanced throughout the grandstands. This event has made it the largest sporting event in the United States since winter. Because all sports events had been shut down in March due to Covid-19.


Bristol had the smallest crowd ever in its history of almost 60 years. But at the same time, the crowd has marked the largest attendance at a sports event in the United States since the Covid-19 had stopped all sports in March. It was a kind strange event in the eastern Tennessee mountains of Bristol.

Happy to see these events at the time of Covid-19, but Fans must ensure wearing a musk, keep themselves socially distanced from people and keep sanitize your hands. This is the only way you can save yourself.but also aware of the fact that the possibility of crowds increasing the spread of the coronavirus, which can cause the disease COVID-19.

Winner Chase Elliott,

Chase Elliott, NASCAR’s most popular driver, won the race and celebrated to chants of “USA! The USA!” from the crowd. The prize of $1 million holds up after winning the NASCAR Cup Series All-Star Race at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Chase Elliott with a $1 million prize

Fans delighted to be back at Star Sports Event

fans delighted

All-Star ticket sale was almost 30,000. The cavernous facility can book the seats almost 160,000. But there was restrictions and limitations and fans were excited to be back within the sight of motorsports.

Betsy Taylor of Knoxville, Tennessee, said. “The only place I would be tonight at the sports event, Watching on television has been all right, but nothing beats being here. It’s not as much fun as when this place was packed, but right now we take what we can get.”

Lawrence Walters of nearby Kingsportsaid “There is no way I’d be over there in the middle of all those people, Hanging around in a small crowd is OK, but when you get up in the thousands it seems to me like a risk I shouldn’t take. I have a TV at home.”

Restriction and Requirement to enter in an event

Wearing a mask was mandatory for fans. Although many fans were seen there without any masks. Even there was no fear of Covid-19. It just happens in a country where The President is Like Donald Trump who also doesn’t wear masks at public places generally. Many fans expressed no fear of being infected with diseases like Covid-19.

fans without masks

Although, there is an increase in Covid-19 cases in eastern Tennessee – as well as many other parts of the country. Even though, Fans were seated socially distanced from the people in the small bunches in the stadium.

Selling tickets were handled digitally only. so that the physical contact can be avoided at concession stands.

President of Speedway Motorsports, owner of BMS, Marcus Smith called the evening “a great example of what can happen when sports, government, and community work together for the fan. This event was a tremendous step in the right direction for America to bring live competition and fans back together for fun.”


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