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Must know about Keanu Reeves’ John Wick 5 release date confirmed by Lionsgate: checks plot

Keanu Reeves John Wick 5 release date confirmed by Lionsgate. John Wick 5 has been announced by John Feltheimer, Lionsgate CEO, during the film studio’s income call Thursday. Lionsgate is focusing on the fourth and fifth installments of the action-thriller movie series to be filmed back to back with Keanu Reeves in early 2021.

Keanu Reeves John Wick 4 is set to release in theatres. Fans feels delighted to know John Wick 5. On May 27, 2021, Keanu Reeves starring action blockbuster “John Wick 4” is set to hit the theaters on memorial day weekend.

What John Feltheimer, CEO of the Lionsgate says about Keanu Reeves’ John Wick 5 release date

john wick 5 confirmed the keanu reeves film will be filmed

John Feltheimer, CEO of the Lionsgate studio said, “We’re also busy preparing scripts for the next two installments of our John Wick action franchise, with John Wick 4 slated to hit theatres Memorial Day weekend 2022. ”

“We hope to shoot both John Wick 4 & 5 back to back when Keanu becomes available early next year.” Feltheimer said

Currently, Reeves is shooting Matrix 4 for Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow in Berlin, Germany. Reeves shot Matrix

John Wick has become such a big action franchise for Lionsgate  The global box office collection of this franchise was $584.2 Million dollars.

Release date and plots of Keanu Reeves’ John Wick 5 release date

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Keanu doesn’t need much of an introduction, but here goes. After his performance in ‘Speed’, he achieved global recognition and fame as Neo in the ‘Matrix’ franchise.

Release date for John Wick 5

‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ was scheduled to hit in theaters on May 21, 2021,i.e weekend memorial day but the film was delayed to May 27, 2022, due to the coronavirus pandemic. The release date for ‘John Wick: Chapter 5’ has not been announced.

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