Mastermind behind Delhi riots

Mastermind behind Delhi riots, Tahir hussain confessed he planned delhi riots against Hindus

The mastermind behind Delhi riots, Tahir Hussain confessed he planned Delhi riots against Hindus. Aam Aadmi party councilor Tahir Hussain confessed that he planned the Delhi riots which led killings of almost 53 people. Suspended Aam Aadmi Party leader Tahir Hussain admitted to being the mastermind behind the February riots in Northeast Delhi, the Delhi Police has said in its cross-examination report.

According to an Interrogation Report (IR) by Delhi Police, Tahir Hussain admitted that he has incited people to unleash violence and Tahir Hussain also said that he met former JNU student Umar Khalid at Popular Front of India (PFI) office in Shaheen Bagh on January 8. where Umar Khalid has said that he was ready to sacrifice his life against the war. Delhi Police said that Tahir also revealed that he was angry about the revocation of article 370, Citizen amendment act, and Supreme Court ruling in the favour of Ram Temple in Ayodhya. He wanted to teach lessons to Hindus by planning Delhi Riots, police further said.

 larger charge sheet that was filed in June. It said Hussain claimed that he wanted to “teach Hindus a lesson” using his political position and money. It added that he took the help of an acquaintance, Khalid Saifi, 

The Delhi Police’s report noticed that Hussain’s activity was to gather corrosive, petroleum, glass jugs, and stones, which he put away on the housetop of his home in the Chand Bagh area.

One of Tahir Hussain’s acquaintances, Khalid Saifi was given the activity to gather people on the streets for protest.

Tahir Hussain told the police during interrogation, “Khalid Saifi, along with his friend Ishrat Jahan, first started a dharna demonstration in Khureji on the lines of Shaheen Bagh. On February 4, in Abu Fazal Enclave, I met Khalid Saifi for planning the riots,”

“On February 4, in Abu Fazal Enclave, I met Khalid Saifi for planning the riots. It was decided to provoke people sitting on the anti-CAA strike. Khalif Saifi said that something big has to be done at the time of Donald Trump’s visit so that the government kneel,” he further said during interrogation report

Tahir hussain sent his family to a safe place, removed CCTVs before riots

The Delhi Police also stated that Hussain said he had chosen not to hurt the individuals of his community during the mobs, and henceforth moved his wife, other, kids, and a few family members to a “more secure spot”

As per the police, this is the point at which they chose to impel the uproars around US President Donald Trump’s visit to put pressure on the central government

Delhi Riots led to killing almost 53 people out of which 13 were Hindus and 40 were Muslims. Also, a very big loss to Govt property, small businessmen and so many shops and buses was burned

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