Mark Zuckerberg criticizes Donald Trump over Covid-19 situation

Mark Zuckerberg slams Trump administration

In an interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci, Mark Zuckerberg criticizes Donald Trump over Covid-19 situation after the US sets record for new cases. HE hosted an interview on Thursday to talk about handling the situation in the country over Covid-19. In response to the coronavirus outbreak, he slams Trump’s administration .


Dr. Anthony is America’s top infectious disease expert. He also blasts at Trump’s administration and laid the government against the advice of experts over Covid-19. This may be the reason that the USA worst-hit country by coronavirus.

Mark zuckerberg slams Donald Trump

“At this point, it is clear that the trajectory in the U.S. is significantly worse than in many countries,” Mark Zuckerberg said in a live stream on Facebook. “I think we ought to take this a lot more seriously.”

The united state is fighting with new coronavirus cases every day.The trajectory in the USA is off the charts and increasing rapidly.
“This government and our administration have been considerably less effective at handling this,” Mr. Zuckerberg said.”While every other developed country in the world, or almost every other country, has had a relatively smaller number of new infections, we now face a record number of new infections every day,”

DR Fauci also said that many states had opened the economy very early changing and ignoring the guidelines of experts for reopening. He also stated that other states have properly followed their guidelines but people didn’t follow the instructions given by experts to maintain proper social distance and wear masks.

The Facebook CEO, Zuckerberg said “It was avoidable and it’s disappointing that we still don’t have adequate testing, that the credibility of our top scientists like yourself and the CDC are being undermined, and until recently, that parts of the administration were calling into question whether people should even follow basic best practices like wearing masks,”

He disagrees with President Donald Trump personally. But he has defended the president’s right to post statements that critics say encourage violence, with Zuckerberg arguing against placing limits on free expression.

And facebook has deleted two post from the Trump reelection campaig. First one is for violating a policy against organized hate and another is for including misinformation about the 2020.

full interview here


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