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Looking to Buy OnePlus Nord? Everything you need to know

The OnePlus Nord is a simple phone to like. It feels great in the hand, the determinations are all that could possibly be needed for everyday use, and the cost is quite lower than the perception. If this is the first OnePlus handset you’ve seen, you’ll appreciate all of these points. let’s take a closer look at the OnePlus Nord that the consumer will find on sale.

As we discovered in our review, the OnePlus Nord is an extraordinary mid-range cell phone. Beginning at a cost of Rs 24,000 and topping out at Rs 30,000, it falls in the perfect spot for budget wary customers hoping to purchase an OnePlus cell phone.

Everything you need to know before Buy OnePlus Nord

Buy OnePlus Nord

OnePlus Cloud Storage

You will get 5GB free cloud storage in the event that you pursued the OnePlus Account. You can store photographs, recordings, important documents in the cloud. If you are a Red Cable Club member, at that point you’ll get free 50GB distributed storage for a year alongside some different advantages. All that you store in the cloud keeps there safe and you can get to your information from some other gadget utilizing the OnePlus ID

Quickly Sharing a recentlyb photo

You can share the last-clicked photo from the camera app by long-pressing the preview of the last photo and then a window will pop-up with frequently used apps and you can directly share a photo from there to other phone and social network websites easily.

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Tripod Mode

The OnePlus Nord takes decent low-light photos, but they’re not great. However, if you have a steady surface to lean the phone against or better still, a tripod, you can get insanely good night time shots with tripod mode. Now we have to accept the fact that OnePlus Nord camera is the best. In the settings of the camera app, you simply need to enable ‘Tripod long exposure.

Game Space

Game Space is a little utility that sorts out the entirety of your games in a single spot, yet in addition deals with any interruptions when you’re gaming, for example, hushing notification or briefly debilitating programmed brilliance. You can alternatively empower Fnatic mode, which takes this a step further by restricting background app activity, blocking all notifications and calls and it even disables the second SIM card, if you have one, to improve the Internet connection of your data SIM.

 Customise the power button

By default, the power button is set to trigger an SOS action if you press it three consecutive times. While it is useful, you can modify the action to say, quickly open the camera app. You’ll first need to disable the SOS function by going into Security, Emergency Rescue.

Dark mode

OxygenOS still doesn’t use Android 10’s native dark mode option, which allows you to activate it based on the time of day. However, dark mode is still present but as a permanent theme. In the Customisation sub-menu of the Settings app, you can switch the theme from the default one to Nuanced dark. 

 Hide apps and files

OxygenOS has a neat feature which lets you hide apps and files that you wish to keep private. To hide an app, open the app drawer and swipe right, which should take you to hidden space. Once it’s set up, simply tap the plus symbol to add apps you wish to hide. Hidden space can only be accessed via your pin or fingerprint, if you choose to enable it, which you definitely should.

OnePlus has looked at the mid-range space in the market, decided what it believes the market wants, and it’s broadly in line with the company’s classic mission statement. The result is the OnePlus Nord. If OnePlus can reach the mainstream consumer, expect this to be an easy handset for retailers to sell and a rewarding handset for those who purchase it.

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