Live updates in Bengaluru violence

Live updates in Bengaluru violence: 146 people arrested over violence, DM to probe says Karnataka Home Minister

Live updates in Bengaluru violence: 146 people have been arrested over violence in Bengaluru, DM to probe says Karnataka Home Minister. On Tuesday Night, People gathered outside their homes and turned violent over a Facebook post from Congress MLA’s Nephew Naveen on Muslim’s Prophet. The man behind the post who triggered violence in East Bengaluru has been arrested by police and 146 people have been arrested over violence that burnt almost 200 bikes, cars, and many public properties. The home minister says rioters will have to pay the losses.

This violence has killed three people and more than 50 people got injured and much loss to the Public properties. There was so also stone pelting at Congress MLA’s home by rioters.

What happened that causes Bengaluru violence?


A “derogatory” social media post uploaded by a local Congress legislator’s relative, over Muslim’s Prophet that people turned violent but the people who are on roads burning bikes, cars, and public properties, forget that Prophet S.A.W( peace upon him ) never got violent in his entire life whatever the situation may be. He keeps humble towards the people. some people got violent which led killing of almost 3 people and more than 50 people injured. Violence is not a solution to the problem. Coming to the Point,

the Karnataka government has ordered a District magistrate to look into the incident. Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai said the police had to resort to firing as the last resort and the situation was now fully under control.

It has been decided in a meeting with the Chief Minister with senior officials that district magistrate will hold an inquiry into the incident as per the guidelines of the National Human Rights Commission. So far, 146 people have been arrested,” Bommai told ANI.

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Karnataka Chief Minister Statement over Bengaluru violence

Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa on Wednesday confirmed that directives were issued to take strict action against accused of Bengaluru violence and asserted that the government has taken all possible steps to curb the situation.

He appealed people to maintain peace, he also said that violence against journalists, police, and people last night was unacceptable.

“Miscreants at the DJ Halli police station has led to the assault and rioting at MLA Akhand Srinivasa’s house and police station. Already, directives have been issued against the perpetrators and the government has taken all possible steps to curb the situation,” he tweeted (roughly translated from Kannada).

“The attack on journalists, the police and the public in the riot last night was unacceptable. The government will not tolerate such provocations and rumours. Strict action against perpetrators is certain. I appeal to people to maintain peace and act with restraint and without panic,” the Chief Minister said in another tweet.

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