Latest news on JEE Main NEET exams cancel,
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Latest news on JEE Main NEET exams cancel,

Latest news on JEE Main NEET exams cancel, As the dates approach for the JEE and NEET exams, There has been going online protests by students to postpone the exam, deputy chief minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia came forward against the decision to conduct these competitive examinations in the current situation. He also suggests that an alternative should be devised.

Manish Sisodia who have changed the whole education system in Delhi and always stand with students, says “I appeal to the centre to immediately cancel both exams and make alternative arrangements for admission this year. In an extraordinary crisis, resolution can be reached only through extraordinary steps,” Sisodia wrote on Twitter.

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Manish Sisodia Statement for JEE Main NEET exams cancel,

Students have been demanding further to postpone these exams, While Sisodia urged central Governmentto cancel these exams.

He wroted on Twitter “The central government is playing with the lives of lakhs of students in the name of JEE-NEET.

“Across the world, education institutes are adopting new methods of conducting admissions. Why can’t we do so in India? Is it sensible to put children’s lives at risk in the name of entrance examinations? The 21st century India can’t think of alternative to an entrance examination! This is not possible,” he said.

There have been protests on Social media platform since confirmation of these exams to conduct. Aspirants want to postpone these exams further as the condition is worst.

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