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Joe Biden efforts of leading US through crisis.

Former vice president and Democratic Party’s presidential candidate Joe Biden on Wednesday “promised” that he would protect America against any seen or unseen threats and claimed that he knew how to lead the country through a crisis since he has done it before. 

Taking a dig at president Donald Trump he said, “It’s the least of what we should expect from an American president.”

“I promise you that as president, I will protect America. I will protect you and your family. I will defend our nation from threats seen and unseen. It’s the least of what we should expect from an American president,” he tweeted.

Joe Biden says that he knows how to lead US in this crisis period as he has done it before

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Joe Biden is trying to help nation in this period of crisis. According to him he has experience in doing that, Because he has handled the same situation before.

“I know how to lead this nation through a crisis because I’ve done it before. I won’t waste any time getting this virus under control and building our country back better,” he wrote on the microblogging site.

A video shared through the Democratic party says that Trump had months to handle the situation but he still doesn’t have any plan to control the crisis due to amid corona virus, whereas Biden knows  “rebuilding our economy starts with fighting the virus, increasing testing, getting more protective gear for health care workers and calling for mask mandates nationwide.”

The outreach video further claimed that when the economy was on the verge of collapse in 2009, Biden led the largest stimulus in a generation and saved millions of jobs.

The tweets come in the backdrop of US polls scheduled to be held on November 3rd this year, when Joe Biden and Donald Trump will go head to head for the White House.