Instagram suspended Hindustani Bhau
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Instagram suspended Hindustani Bhau’s account, Disappointment for Hindustani Bhau

Instagram suspended Hindustani Bhau’s account. Hindustani Bhau aka Vikas Fhatak, a famous YouTuber, who has also been a part of Bigg boss last year has always been a topic of discussion. As he has many supporters and haters as well. His videos are pretty much famous in the nation and contain some inappropriate language, which some finds funny and interesting while others don’t like it but all these things don’t affect Hindustani Bhau as he always stands bold for what he feels right. He has been always an outspoken person, who keeps his point of view in front of everyone. He had more than 3.4 million followers on his Instagram account. It’s disheartening for him to see that Instagram has suspended his account was reported by many.

Instagram suspended Hindustani Bhau’s account

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A few days ago, comedian Kunal Kamra shared a video of Hindustani Bhau and asked Mumbai Police to take action against him. He also asked people to not support someone who is insulting their religion.

Kunal Kamra wrote,”HM @AnilDeshmukhNCP & @MumbaiPolice Calling for open violence is a crime. This is a mob building & hate spreading excercise. This is deeply alarming. Could lead to violence & an artist not getting due process. Remarks like “System side main” are an insult to our constitution”.

some other people also tweeted regarding the same.

this famous designer Farah Ali tweeted, “ those guy is trying to imitate Sanjay Dutt but his gujju accent not making that happen”.

His account was reported by several app users for promoting hate speech and violence. In response, Instagram notified that Hindustani Bhau’s account was suspended as the post went against their community guidelines. also, many twitter users shared the screenshot of the message they got from his account after reporting Bhau’s channel. They celebrated the suspension by sharing memes and videos on Bhau. “Biggest achievement so far,who else received this notification #hindustanibhau #HindustaniBhauDoglaHai,” wrote one. “This feels so good Big win #hindustanibhau is gone for good . Thank you @instagram,” wrote another.