House Of Cards Season 7 news
Claire Underwood
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House of Cards Season 7: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Twist, and Many more

House of cards season 7 is an American politics based Netflix series. Created by Beau Willimon in 2013 House of cards got lots of attention from the USA & from all across the world because of its fictional character story of Frank Underwood & his wife Claire Underwood. How they play dirty games to gain popularity & votes. This Netflix series includes six seasons. Conversely, the buzz about the season is in the press, and it isn’t enjoyable. This series is reportedly an adaptation of the 1990 BBC series. Also, this BBC series is based on the 1989 book which was composed by Michael Dobbs.

House Of Cards Season 7 news
Claire Underwood

There could good news for House of Card fans. Season 7 since the series was a huge success within the past six seasons. But not enough has been said, and there have not been any official announcements. Since there is not any official info regarding the renewal of this series until then, the fans can have fun by watching all of the episodes till season on Netflix.

House Of Cards Season 7 Release Date

The unfortunate thing which happened behind the development of the series, which also turned in reality for not creating a renewal of the series, was the physical assault on Anthony Rapp which was only 14 years old, by your direct actor Kevin Spacey. Additionally, it turned into more dreadful when everyone came to know Anthony Rapp was just 14 when this thing happened with him also it’s said that Kevin Spacey had to leave after these allegations made on him too, as he’d been the key portion of the show, the series needed to stop there. That’s the reason there is a very small probability that the series will likely get revived.

House of Cards Season 7 Cast

If the director of House of Cards Beau Willimon decided to make another sequel of the series than we can definitely expect them as the main role cast.

  • Robin Wright as President Claire (Hale) Underwood
  • Michael Kelly as Douglas “Doug” Stamper
  • Diane Lane as Annette Shepherd
  • Campbell Scott as Vice President Mark Usher
  • Derek Cecil as Seth Grayson
  • Cody Fern as Duncan Shepherd
  • Athena Karkanis as Melody Cruz

However, this is only viable if the show comes back to the next Season. The central character Kevin Spacey aka Frank Underwood is not likely to return. It is not explicit, but there are rumors that the show was canceled because of some serious personal attacks.