Homeland Security gets new role under Trump monument order


On June 26, the US President Donald Trump released a strategic executive order to Protect monuments from the protestors. All the protestors are aggressively trying to eliminate or demolish every statue of people considered racist, in fact, they also attempt to destroy Andrew Jackson statue near the White House.

There are many protesters who conflicted with administrations in the Pacific Northwest that are not only facing the local police but have also stood strongly against the officers of that department. Their presence reflects President Donald Trump’s decision to reduce victims of violence based on federal priorities.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, they deployed officers with multiple federal law enforcement agencies and departments strategically all around the country. Besides it, a senior officer from the home secretary department said that the peoples are taking benefit of the campaign over the police killing of George Floyd to impose violence and defacement.

The officer gives the statement while discussing the situation of obscurity to elaborate on ongoing operations. He said, “Once we surged federal law enforcement officers to Portland, the agitators quickly got the message,”.
According to Chris Davis, the Chief of Portland Deputy Police said his department did not demand the assistance nor coordinate efforts with the Federal government amid often chaotic conflicts that have actually roamed across several downtown blocks after midnight for weeks.
Mr. David said, “I don’t have authority to order federal officers to do things and It does complicate things for us.” Besides, both the civil liberties advocates and activists recently accused federal authorities of violating and misuse the power of their jurisdiction and excessive use of crowd-control measures. Both Agencies are exclusively accused them of using tear gas and patrolling over the limitations of Federal property.
Because of the temporary Court order, Portland Police is not allowed to use tear gas on the protesters unless they declared a Riot. “But the local police are not obeying the temporary order of the court and continuously using the massive amount of tear gas against the protesters,” they said.
The Deputy Director of immigration policy at the American Civil liberties Union Andrea Flores said: “DHS should go back to investigating the rise of white supremacist activity and actors who are seeking to cause violence against these peaceful protests, that is under the purview of the agency’s mission,”.
She is also the former DHS Official during the Barack Obama administrations so her statement is taking seriously by the security agencies and the recent President of America.
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