Good news for the bibulous people

Good news for the bibulous people, Hotels and Restaurants are allowed to serve: Delhi Govt

Due to the lockdown announced by our prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi, to protect people from COVID’19 everything was closed except for necessities in the market. Liquor shops, bars, hotels, and restaurants were closed, which was sad for the bibulous people. Some had stocked with them but some didn’t. Also, liquor adds so much to the economy, which was on hold from the past 4-5 months. As the government allowed liquor shops to sell alcohol in the unlock phase 1, by increasing tax to 70% initially. It added much in the nation’s earning.

Hotels and Restaurants are allowed to serve liquor.

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Delhi government on Thursday, 20th August’2020 has granted permission to hotels and restaurants of the city to serve liquor to its customers, but under the lockdown guidelines issued by the centre and the Delhi, government Bars will remain closed. However the restaurants were allowed to be open from 8th June 2020, but serving liquor wasn’t permitted. Also, the source of revenue was the main perspective behind the allowance of serving liquor in hotels and restaurants.

In a letter dated August 16, the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) had written to the Delhi government’s excise department requesting permission to serve liquor in restaurants in the city.

The letter said, “Bars will remain closed under the provisions of unlock guidelines of the Ministry of Home Affairs. However, several state governments, including Assam, Punjab, Rajasthan, etc, have permitted service of liquor by licence holders under the Excise Rule in the restaurants and clubs and in the hotel rooms. Considering the revenue implications, the excise department issued necessary permission for service of liquor in the restaurants and clubs by licensees at the table and in the hotel rooms”.

restaurants owner says that this will help them to recover losses easily, as they are already at 50% of their efficiency because pf social distancing and now serving alcohol will increase their business.

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