Emirates: The world’s first airline to provide its customers free COVID-19 medical expense


Emirates becomes the world’s first airline to provide its customers free COVID-19 medical expense . Emirates says ‘We will cover you for coronavirus costs up to £135,000’who become symptomatic with coronavirus during their destination, at least until 31 October 2020.

If a passenger is determined with Covid-19 while they are away from home, the Dubai-based airline says it will cover medical and repatriation expenses of up to €150,000 (£137,000).

Coronavirus fees for testing is not included but in addition to it, they will pay isolate expenses of €100 (£91) every day to a limit of about fourteen days, for the traveller and a companion. The carrier will also contribute up to €1,500 (£1,370) towards the cost of a funeral

Repatriation occurs when an expat employee returns to their home country. Unfortunately, it’s oftentimes an overlooked benefit in employee relocation packages. 

Emirates Condition on medical expense

Emirates says: “If you have tested positive for Covid-19 while you are abroad, you will benefit from repatriation assistance, assistance with medical and hospital costs and assistance with quarantine accommodation costs in an approved designated facility.”

This cover is provided free by the aircraft to all travelers in all classes, and doesn’t require any enrollment or structure filling.

The airline’s chief executive, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, said: “We know people are yearning to fly as borders around the world gradually re-open, but they are seeking flexibility and assurances should something unforeseen happen during their travel.“

“It is an investment on our part, but we are putting our customers first, and we believe they will welcome this initiative.”

However, the Emirates doesn’t ensure any guarantee “if your travel against your home country’s government advice or against local authority advice at your trip destination”

Emirates is going to flights to the Seychelles from 1 August, concurring with the nation’s re-opening to universal travelers, and expanding trips to the Maldives from 4 August from five to six week after week, “to meet customer demand”.


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