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Earthquake causes destruction in Turkey and Greece

A massive earthquake shook Turkey’s western coast and some portion of Greece. It took the lives of a minimum of 26 people and injured many on Friday.

The extent of damage was captured on camera, it highlighted an entire building turning to rubble in moments. In coastal towns, water started flowing in the streets after which a Tsunami alert was issued. Chaos and panic struck the area and people started abandoning their homes.

Aegean, Turkey’s resort city in Izmir was the center of destruction as most of the wreckage happened in and around the city. Three million people are residents of the city and many high-rise apartments were built in Aegean.


Social media flooded with prayers and messages for the people of Turkey.

Magnitude of the earthquake

The earthquake of magnitude 7.0 forced the people in a restaurant to take shelter under tables as the building was shaking fiercely. The whole scene was captured in the CCTV footage of the establishment and the video went viral all over the internet. People were scared and panicked.

In a town in the vicinity of Izmir, the streets were filled with water and sea surge. The video of this horrific scene also went viral. The massive piles of ruin and debris was captured from the sky in an aerial shot.

Wreckage of buildings sent plumes of thick white smoke into the sky covering a major part of the city. Rescue operations with sniffer dogs have been searching and helping people stuck in the buildings which collapsed. Chainsaws and bulldozers have been used to get through the rubble of tall buildings in the debris.

This aggressive earthquake was caused by the fault line that runs across Turkey and Greece. This line has been a major source of earthquakes in the past as well.

Turkey quake thumbnail.focal 760x428 2