Donald Trump's conference highlights
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Donald Trump’s conference highlights

Donald Trump’s conference highlights: Yesterday President Donald Trump holds a news conference at the white house, where he discussed many things related to COVID’19 and also supported the idea of boycotting Goodyear Tyres, after he saw a report saying that the company is not allowing its workers to wear his signature MAGA hats or “Blue Lives Matter” attire, but was allowing cloths that had quotes related to “Black Lives Matter” and LGBTQ pride. Also, he mentioned that he is going to swap them with some USA based competitors. He also stated that closed schools and colleges can cost lives instead of saving them, as education is the major source of income for the economy. Since colleges have been closed from the past many months, it is affecting the whole economy and they should be reopened now. He burst out on universities that have canceled their offline classes due to COVID’19.



Donald Trump said that the virus is more likely to affect college students and that students pose a greater safety threat at home with older family members than on college campuses. Doctors have said that the coronavirus appears to transmit faster than the seasonal flu. Further, Trump said,” it’s significantly safer for students to live with other young people than to go home and spread the virus to older Americans”.

Further, he commented on the recent suspension of in-person classes in various universities of USA, UNC announced a suspension of classes on Monday after they saw a huge rise in several cases in the first week of classes and shifted them to online classes for all undergraduate programs. The next day the University of Notre Dame canceled their offline classes for straight two weeks due to a rise in the number of cases. He threatened schools that he might cut their funding from his side if they will not reopen schools and universities as soon as possible. He said that students can not learn properly in online classes, they should get in-person classes with teachers if they want to learn. Also, the school’s fee is key to the nation’s recovery.

“there’s nothing like campus. There’s nothing like being with the teacher as opposed to being on a computer board,” Trump said. Further, he added,” students who feel sick should not attend class and should limit social interaction, as they would for any other illness. Universities should implement measures to protect the high risk students or professors.”

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