Donald Trump warns schools to cut funding


President Trump has threatened schools that their funds will be cut if the school administration does not open the schools completely. Besides, The CDS has made complete preparations to release new guidelines for school administration and for students as well.

Trump has been demanding to open schools for a long time and loosen the guidelines, but some health experts are not agreeing to their demands because of the coronavirus impact in America.

He said, ” We don’t want tough guidelines should be released by the experts and I only need to open the school safely with some necessary guidance only”. On the other hand, School management is continuously against the demand of President Trump because you don’t have enough space to maintain distance among the students. Trump ignored the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s expert advice And adamant on their insistence.

On Wednesday Donald Trump said that it is necessary to open the schools otherwise he will cut the major part of the funding of schools that are not fully open. Besides it, President Trump applying the same pressure for Universities and institutes as well.

He has demanded to run online classes from Harvard University. But Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology prosecuted over the rule with the full potential. According to the administration, it is really not possible to control the president’s demand after the Healthcare Advisors and decision-making agencies.

One of the largest Nation’s School in America makes the advanced plans for the students and schools agencies which can fulfill the students need. The guidelines can be implemented on more than 13,000 districts and thousands of colleges and universities.

There are lots of different Agencies providing unique plans for opening schools and Universities and measure of them are focusing on learning from the home system. The White House already announced that the new guidelines will be soon published by the major agencies.

Trump reflected no interest in the health intentions of reopening in person and no assistance for settlement plans that many districts are considering as the major effect.  Recently, Robert R. Redfield the CDS director de-emphasize Trump’s criticism of the CDC guidelines.

Mr. Robert R. Redfield is much more comfortable with several school systems acquiring different strategies. All the Agencies are majorly focusing on the prevention of students to minimize the risks to students of a virus. Many Agencies has their own unique recommendation to stop spreading of coronavirus.

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