Devastated coronavirus cases In Texas, Hurricane Hanna also strike

Hurricane Hanna

Hurricane Hanna has striked the southern coast of Texas in the United States for the overnight with howling breezes and a flooding ocean that undermines a wide zone already fighting with a spike in coronavirus cases. Hanna, the first Atlantic hurricane of 2020, slammed into the coast of coronavirus-hit Texas on Saturday, bringing heavy rain, storm surge and potentially life-threatening flash flooding.

The Meteorologists said.”Hanna is expected to produce heavy rains across portions of southern Texas and northeastern Mexico. These rains will result in life-threatening flash flooding,” and some river flooding, 

“Life-threatening storm surge will continue along portions of the Texas coast,” it said.

Hanna Hurricane has compelled authorities to arrange shelters and evacuation for people keeping up physical removing conventions and other pandemic limitations. Shelters were opened in lodgings, schools and gyms. In Hidalgo County, Texas, a network building known as the “Dome” was saved for evacuees who had tried positive for COVID-19 or were presented to the infection. The county instructed those who needed shelter to bring masks and hand sanitizer if they could.

Hurricane Hanna

Gov. Greg Abbott said Saturday that “We cannot allow this hurricane to lead to a more catastrophically deadly event by stoking additional spread of COVID-19 that could lead to fatalities,” he said.

some people in need of shelter would be given hotel rooms to keep them apart from others.

The first hurricane of the 2020 Atlantic season blew shorewards as a Category 1 tempest late Saturday evening with winds of 145 kph not a long way from Port Mansfield, which is around 210 kilometers south of Corpus Christi.

Hanna was initially classified as a Category One hurricane, the lowest level on the five-step Saffir-Simpson scale, before being downgraded.It made landfall on Padre Island on Saturday, and on Sunday moved into Mexico

Portions of South Texas had gotten in any event 23 centimeters of rain, including Cameron County, which include Brownsville

President Trump Statement About Hurricane Hanna

President Trump said on twitter “My Administration is closely monitoring Hurricane Douglas off Hawaii & Hurricane Hanna, which has now made landfall in Texas. We continue to coordinate closely with both states — listen to your emergency management official”

Hanna hit Texas as the southern state struggled to contain the spread of coronavirus.

More than 380,000 cases have so far been confirmed, with nearly 5,000 deaths.

Hidalgo County statement on Hanna’s impact in the county.

Hidalgo County Judge Richard F. Cortez has released a statement. “We had no fatalities, but many of our citizens live in areas where it is flooding.  Many vehicles are stranded, power lines and transformers are down and we are evacuating people.”

” Do not drive through flooded streets and do not drive around barricades. Even one foot of water can hide dangers to drivers.” Hidalgo further said

The County requests that inhabitants please remain at home while streets stay overflowed


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