Cursed Season 2

Cursed Season 2: Renewed By Netflix ?All you need to know

Cursed Season 2: One of the latest released British-American fantasy drama series, Cursed is going to release its sescond season on Netflix. It has been created by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler, which was released on July 17th, 2020. The series, starred by Katharine Langford in the lead, has acquired mostly positive reviews. Cursed got the huge respons from the viewers liked by all peole who watched it. They have requested second season as soon as possible.

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Although it could not come up to the expectations of most of the viewers if compared to that of Game of Thrones or Kingdom, it is still worth the watch due to its storyline and animation. It has been adapted from the novel by the makers themselves under the same title. Here, we have some news from some of our sources regarding Cursed season 2

Has The Series Been Renewed For The Second Season?

There have been made no announcements regarding the renewal of the series for Season 2. According to some sources, it has been stated that makers of the show are planning to come up with multiple more seasons. For time being nothing has been confirmed by the official sources but the series is not getting canceled.

Release Date Of Cursed Season 2

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As we all know, Due to pandemic Coronavirus, Everything was stopped in entertainment industry to avoid the spread of of coronovirus. On account of the outbreak of the pandemic coronavirus, no official statements are made about the renewal and release of the next season of Cursed. we will update you when such announcements were made.

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