china us relation

China urges the US to decrease relations with Taiwan

After recent talks of economic partnership between the United States and the island nation, China feels a threat to its zone of influence in the South Eastern region of Asia.

china us relation

After Taipei and Washington announced economic talks described by the island nation as a “major milestone”, China has urged the United States to stay out of disrupting relations between the nation it considers to be under the rule of the CCP.

Taiwan has long been expecting to conduct free trade with the United States and with the arrival of U.S. Undersecretary of State Keith Krach,(the highest-ranked Washington official to visit Taiwan) in late September last year, new routes seem to have opened up.

A small delegation led by led by Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs Chen Chern-chy, is set to visit Washington on the 20th of November to inaugurate the U.S.-Taiwan Economic Prosperity Partnership Dialogue.

At a daily news briefing in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said they were opposed to any trade relations or official meetings between Washington and Taipei.

China urges the United States to “stop any kind of official exchanges or contacts with Taiwan and stop elevating substantive relations”, he added

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Taiwan on the other hand is extremely positive about the new developments “This dialogue is a major milestone in Taiwan-U.S. economic relations. It demonstrates that Taiwan and the United States will develop closer and broader cooperation under their global economic strategic partnership,” said Taiwan’s foreign ministry, praising the efforts made by Washington

China and Taiwan

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   Taiwan has long been under the Chinese threat. Ever since the Chinese Civil war led to the communist takeover of the nation and officials of the Republic of China had to retreat to Taiwan. The Taiwanese people have long been under the threat of their country being taken over by the CCP(Chinese Communist Party) and descending into the authoritarian, single-party rule.

In recent times Taiwan has seen increasingly favorable relations on the international stage gaining an ally in India amid increasing tensions between Beijing and Delhi.

 President Donald Trump has been a popular figure in Taiwan for his aggressive stance towards Beijing and for opening talks with Taiwan. However the government of Taiwan is ready to work with newly elected president Joe Biden to ensure economic relations between the nations are long term and sustainable.   

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