China set to block UK’s proposal of Citizenship in UK for Hong Kong

Hong Kong

The UK offered citizenship to Hong Kong residents. But China set to block the UK’s proposal and warned the UK that there may be a problem recognizing their passports as valid documents.

On Thursday, The government said “it would welcome warmly.” they welcome any of 2.9 million Hong Kongers with British National Overseas (BNO) status who fear its crackdown in the territory.

When did this start with Hong Kong ?

This problem occurred when China imposed a national security law on the territory last month, after that the UK offered extended visa rights and promised to “provide a pathway to future citizenship to Hong kong. Almost three million residents from Hong Kong would be eligible for a BNO passport.

Hong Kong

secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Dominic Raab, who said last weekend: “Ultimately, if they follow through on something like that, there would be little we could do to coercively force them.”

China’s foreign ministry, A spokesman said “the UK’s visa offer meant its previous assurances are no longer valid” and accused it of “politically manipulating the issue. It has broken its promises and violated international law and basic norms,” the spokesman said, “So China will consider not recognising BNO as a valid travel document.” added.

So, China had threatened on Thursday to withdraw its recognition of British National Overseas passports held by residents of Hong Kong. It was a retaliation for the former colonial ruler’s strategy of facilitating their way to citizenship.

So Hong Kong citizens are in a prison now in Hong kong under brutal human rights.

In a statement, the British consulate in Hong Kong said “the immigration route granting the right to live, work or study in Britain was offered following the Chinese government’s decision to impose the new national security law.”
Britain says the law breaks the particulars of the handover settlement concurred in 1984. China blames Britain for meddling in Hong Kong and Chinese issues.

China’s embassy in London said in a statement on Thursday. “The Chinese side urges the British side to recognise the reality that Hong Kong has returned to China, to look at the Hong Kong national security law objectively and immediately correct its mistakes,”


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