China is ‘greatest threat’ to US statement By FBI Director

Christopher Wray
Christopher Wray


Christopher Wray the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) shocking statement on China. On Tuesday, he said that China can be the Biggest Threat for the US economy, politics, and democracy as well. 

While narrating a multi-pronged investigation to the Hudson Institute, Christopher said that China is only the country that will definitely threaten U.S. innovation, economic security, and democratic policy in the future.

He is very confident that China is continuously using different ways to capture confidential information from the United States. The FBI Director said, If you are an American, it is quite possible that China constantly steals your personal data on a large scale.

Chinese government trying every way and engaged in a whole-of-state exertion to become the world’s only superpower. On the other hand, Mr. Wray said “We should not avoid Chinese visitors and welcome every Chinese student” because they are coming to our country for education not for capturing confidential information.

Mr. Wray that Chinese President Jinping had launched an unethical program known as “Fox Hunt“, which are continuously threatening US Army intellectual properties, and many other authorities’ confidential data to harm the United States and the main reason behind it to become the superpower of the world.

Besides, Christopher’s statement clarifies that there are many threatening campaigns running by the Chinese government to hack American intellectual properties, capture corporate and personal data, and using illegal ways to influence foreign officials.

According to Wray, there are multiple campus proxies aggressively using by China to steal technology. The threats are exploiting US academic openness while establishing threatening proxies on the institute campuses.

Still, the Chinese Embassy in Washington doesn’t release any official statement against the Federal Bureau of Investigation director. According to Christopher Wray, there are many  “Fox Hunt victims” in the US, many of them permanent residents or living with US citizenship. These types of peoples are the biggest challenge for the US government.

Undoubtedly, making a threat is one of the biggest criminal offenses in the United States, Wray said. Many of the Chinese Dissidents refuse to return to China on the basis of family members belongs to the United States with US citizenship.

The FBI Director said that the threat needed to be assessed through action across the whole of the US government. Instead, he directly points the Chinese government who are encouraging hackers to scrape US government confidential data. 

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