Carbon-free electricity announced by Presidential Candidate Joe Biden

Carbon-free electricity

The Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden takes a pledge for carbon-free electricity by 2035 during a campaign event on Tuesday in his home state of Delaware. He has put two trillion dollars for this ambitious green energy plan to make carbon-free electricity by 2035

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During his campaign, He focused on climate issues. He was trying to contrast President Donald Trump. Because Trump said in a statement that climate change is  ‘fictitious’ and ‘expensive hoax’

After this statement of Donald Trump, Joe Biden criticize Trump by his statement that “When Donald Trump thinks about climate change, the only word he can muster is a hoax”. Joe Biden said at the Build Back Better campaign event in Wilmington “When I think about climate issues, the word I think of is jobs.”

It is a crucial time in the United States Of America since there has been an election. Presidential contender criticizes each other in different campaign to get votes and public support. Joe Biden is getting more desirable with his proposed first-term presidential schema in elections.

At this, Joe Biden comes with a plan in the campaign to pledge carbon-free electricity by 2035.

Joe Biden also pledge to raise taxes on very large corporations and try to reverse Trump’s tax cuts for high earning people last year.

Planing Behind his Pledge Over Carbon-Free Electricity

carbon free electricity

Joe Biden campaign member says they will bring strategy of how they plan to “produce power without producing carbon pollution” will work and how it can be funded in the next coming weeks. Now the question arises here,’ when will the proper information about this plan come? I think after the election, Let’s wait and watch.

Last year The former vice-president’s proposal, was to spend $1.7tn on infrastructure and green jobs over 10 years and got failed and rejected by environmental activists as too slow.Now, Joe Biden’s announcement could help strengthen his political left side as he prepares to face off against The Ruling President Donald Trump in November. Biden’s proposal can show rapidly diverging views on people what is possible in a political world reshaped by Covid-19.

Natural Resources Defense Council Action

President and CEO of the Natural Resources Defense Council Action Fund, Gina McCarthy, said the plan “by a long shot is the most ambitious we have ever seen from any president in our nation’s history”. 


 Natural Resources Defense Council is today one of the most influential environmentalist Consciousness raising groups in the United States.

NRDC appreciated Joe Biden’s announcement for carbon-free electricity and is eagerly waiting for his plan to know details of how they plan to “produce power without producing carbon pollution” would work.


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