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Biden and Harris thinks that Trump does not understand presidency.

Joe Biden, is attacking Trump with the help of tweets, pointing out the prevailing condition due to Covid-19 cases across the country. Biden held President Trump responsible for the protests that he sought to portray as lawlessness. Kamala Harris, Biden’s vice-presidential nominee, had laid out a more detailed critique of the president’s handling of the Covid-19 epidemic and his response to the anti-racism protest in a prebuttal. She argued, “Trump doesn’t understand the presidency”. “Remember: every example of violence Donald Trump decries has happened on his watch. Under his leadership. During his presidency,” Biden replied in a tweet, to Trump.

Kamala Harris, argued , “ Trump does not understand presidency.”

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Trump has tried to position himself as a law and order president has used the anti-race protests to stoke fears about lawlessnesses tying them to the radical left-wing of the Democratic party, who he has argued, will be calling the shots in a Biden administration.

In return Biden replied, “From the moment COVID-19 emerged, President Trump downplayed the threat it posed, refused to listen to the experts, and failed to take action to contain its spread.,” he wrote in one tweet. “Now, we’re paying the price”.

In prepared remarks for the prebuttal, Harris said, Trump had displayed “reckless disregard for the danger a pandemic would pose to American lives. For the devastation, it would do to our economy. For the damage, it would do to communities of colour who have been subjected to structural racism for generations”.

“He never appreciated that a President swears an oath before God and country to protect America against threats seen and unseen. It’s his duty. It’s his obligation to protect us. And yet, he has failed. Miserably,” she added.