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Beijing people can go mask free now

Beijing people: China made wearing masks compulsory when they got to know about COVID-19 as a protective measure. In late April when china’s capital Beijing saw betterment, they allowed their residents to go outdoor without masks but soon the situation got worse and they again made wearing masks compulsory. When they saw that the virus started transmitting again at a high speed and cases went increasing. After that, this is the second time that Beijing has permitted, it’s residents to go mask free.

Beijing has allowed residents to roam outside without masks.

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Health authorities in Beijing have removed the requirement of wearing a mask whenever someone goes out. As they recorded no new cases of coronavirus in the last 13 consecutive days.

Experts say that the virus is in control now and the reason behind that is strict enforcement of local laws by the government including wearing masks, mandatory home quarantine, and getting mass tests. Otherwise, it could have been difficult to control the virus. Despite the allowance of government, still many people wear masks as some say they feel safe and secure wearing masks and others said social pressure for wearing masks was also a factor.

“I think I can take off my mask anytime, but I’ll need to see if others accept it. Because I’m afraid that people would be scared if they see me not wearing mask,” one 24-year old Beijing woman Said this.

China has reported a total of 84,917 cases since the outbreak began.