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Azerbaijan attacks Armenian Su-25 jet, instigating further damage

As reported by the country’s defense ministry, Azerbaijan has shot down yet another, second in the past days, Armenian Su-25 fighter jet.

The ministry issued a statement where they said that the jet was attempting to despatch airstrikes in the Jabrayil region where Azerbaijanis were positioned.

The Azerbaijan forces at about 0830GMT destroyed the jet with the S-300 missile defense system as per the ministry.

Turkey’s Defence Minister Hulusi Akar commended Azerbaijan via a phone call, on shooting down the jets.

Azerbaijan and Armenia blamed each other of breaching a new humanitarian truce in subjugated-Karabakh.

Azerbaijan’s Defence Ministry stated on Sunday that Armenian armed forces did not conform to the new armistice deal which was implemented at midnight.


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The Situation

The assertion also says that Armenian forces detonated mortars and artillery in the proximity to Jabrayil city, and unfettered villages situated beside the Araz River.

No losses of military staff were reported and the units retaliated adequately, as informed by the ministry.

In a different statement also issued on Sunday, the ministry said it had stricken Armenian positions and had wrecked two missile guiding stations of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system, five T-72 tanks, three BM-21 “Grad” MLRS, two Smerch MLRS, a D-20 gun-howitzer, a KS-19 anti-aircraft gun, and six vehicles.

The operational situation in handled by the Azerbaijani troops on the entire front.

Destruction in Ganja

13 civilians have been killed overnight on Friday, comprising of four women and three children and about 50 other people were injured while the Armenian missiles hit Azerbaijan’s Ganja city.

More than 20 houses were wrecked when the attack happened. This was the second fatal attack by Armenia on Ganja which is populated by civilians and innocent people in less than a week.

Response from all over the world

The UN stated to Anadolu Agency that it reproached the attack on Ganja city and said that the parties should secure civilians and civilian substructure as per the international humanitarian law.

“UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres remains very deeply concerned about the ongoing hostilities and their impact on the populations,” said spokesman Farhan Haq. 

“We reiterate our strong condemnation of any targeting and attacks against civilian-populated areas anywhere.”


A hydroelectric power plant in Mingachevir with Ganja was also considered to be a target by the Armenian army on Friday, but its missiles were destroyed by Azerbaijan’s air defence system.

Since latest clashes spewed between the two countries on September 27, Armenia has persisted its acts of violence on non-combatants and Azerbaijani forces.

World powers, comprising of Russia, France, and the US, have demanded the termination of hostilities. Turkey, for the time being, has backed Baku’s right to protect oneself and necessitated the extraction of Armenia’s occupying forces.