American Warns By US officials against using Tiktok

American Warns By US officials against using Tiktok because of privacy issues & stealth data transmission.

American Warns By US officials against using Tiktok
American Warns By US officials against using Tiktok

According to the state department, the Americans warns by US officials against using TikTok application for security reasons.

The United States government and President Donald Trump have always been crucial about TikTok, but recently after many security warnings, the US government take an important decision to warn their people against using social media platform Tiktok.

American Warns By US officials against using Tiktok

As most of us know that Tik Tok Chinese is owned by Beijing-based startup ByteDance which always in controversies for security reasons. US lawmakers have already disclosed regulation to ban this app from government devices.

On Monday night, Mr. Mike Pompeo ( US Secretary of State ) said that the United States is looking to ban TikTok and other Chinese social media apps that can be harmful to Americans. The Federal Bureau of Investigation Department, Justice Department, and the home security department strongly believes that the video-sharing Chinese application can be the biggest threat to US security.

According to Senator Mr. Hawley, a bill should be passed as soon as possible to ban TikTok from all US government devices. He said, “it is a crucial security risk for the American people as well as for the government also.”

Some US lawmakers are now calling for a more limited ban on Tiktok, which would definitely affect the military members. Besides, Tik Tok sad in its defense that they provide fully secure and app experience, and their data centers are entirely out of China.

Undoubtedly Tiktok most downloaded video sharing application among the youngsters and this is the main reason why U.S officials and home security departments are really concerned about it. They indicated their concern over its connections with the Chinese government.

The Tik Tok’s official spokesperson said that they have never delivered user data to the Chinese government, and in the future, they will not do it.

There are many United States agencies who already banned Tik Tok for their staff and give a strict warning to personnel to never install Tik Tok on their devices. Several military branches also followed the rule of banning Chinese applications.

On the other hand, Hong Kong is also pulling out this social media sharing application because of the nation’s controversial new national security laws.

Tiktok is currently closely monitored and reviewed by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States which can make the final decision on this social media company. The deadline for Investigation is not fixed yet and the Americans are eagerly looking for the decision taken by the foreign investigation.

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