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Alex Morgan Gets Rejected From Board For Comeback Post Pregnancy

Alex Morgan recently was in the news and possibly will break the hearts of some fans. She planned to make a comeback to Soccer this year after her pregnancy. However, the London club has said that she is not fit to be back in the game yet.


Alex Morgan Gets Rejected From The Club

Alex Morgan tried to get back in the game after she gave birth to her baby daughter Charlie Elena Carrasco in May. And has been off the game ever since 2019. She came to the England Club to have a regular schedule and pattern for her to be back at the game. She was hoping to play in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. As per her plans, Morgan was planning to play fewer games in the US, especially during the pandemic and even more so now that she has a newborn at home.

However, this seems to be a distant dream as the board has told her that she is not fit to be back as yet.

Alex Morgan Felt Fitter After Pregnancy

In an interview, the two times World Cup Champion revealed that she felt it was tough for her to be back after pregnancy. She knew that she had to be patient with herself. She also said that she is excited to be back in the pitch and is willing to wait till she is a 100 per cent fit. She concluded by saying that even after the long break, she feels much fitter and faster with each passing day.

Alex Morgan’s Achievements So Far And Personal Life

alex morgan

Morgan was the youngest member of the United States Women Soccer Team back in 2009. In 2012 she went on to win her first Olympic Medal in Summer Olympic Games as she defeated Japan. Then in the year 2015, she played with the Americans in FIFA Women’s World Cup, and four years later she won the Tournament with Six goals. This led to her Second World Cup.

Not only in Sports she has stood up against the US Soccer. In the year 2016, she joined many of her teammates to protest against unequal pay between the Men’s and Women’s National Team. In her personal life, she got married to Soccer player Servando Carrasco in December 2014. She announced her pregnancy in 2019 and gave birth to a daughter Elena on May 7 2020.


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