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5G network test by Reliance Jio successful

A 5G RAN product has been developed by Jio (Reliance) that has attained more than 1 Gbps output, as informed by its president Mathew Oommen.

United efforts were stated by Qualcomm and Reliance Jio on 5G sequentially to accelerate elaboration and introduce the native 5G network arrangement and facilities in India.

Jio’s locally developed 5G

With the use of Qualcomm technology, Jio has locally curated a RAN or Radio Access Network product and it has secured extremely high outputs. The product has undergone testing by a Tier-1 carrier in the USA, according to Mathew Oommen, the president of Reliance Jio Infocomm.

Addressing at the Qualcomm Conference, Mr. Oommen stated, “I am excited to announce that with Qualcomm’s technology and support, Jio has indigenously developed a 5G RAN product that has achieved over 1 Gbps throughput…in fact joining the gigabit throughput clock, the product is already tested and validated by a Tier-1 carrier in the US.”

qualcomm snapdragon tech summit 2019 day 1 keynote sized 1

The recent effort indicates the arrival of Jio and by extension, India, into the high-tech products arena. Currently, just a few of the major countries like USA, South Korea, Australia, Switzerland and Germany have been capable to harness speeds of 1 Gbps for 5G customers.

Jio and Qualcomm alliance

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc and Reliance Jio Platforms in consort with its exclusively retained auxiliary Radisys Corporation have declared their magnified endeavours to cultivate open and interoperable interface acquiescent architecture reliant on 5G solutions with a virtual RAN, a Qualcomm official stated.

When this year began, Reliance Industries proclaimed that a 0.15% portion of the investment will be picked up by Qualcomm Ventures in Jio Platforms which has amounted to ₹730 crore. Recently, it attained the payment amount for the deal and allocated the equity shares.

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