3 million cases of COVID-19 in The US: John Hopkins University.


More than 3 million cases of COVID-19 in The US according to John Hopkins University.

The Assistant Officers of Global Health says that they did not expect the virus to grow so quickly in the US. They say that the way it is growing, alert to the people wash their hands in time and make distance and take care of themselves.

The US broke the old record in a single day on Tuesday. Besides, more than 31000 people died out of 100000. But all states are struggling to control the outbreak of COVID-19.

In May, many states were opening up a lot of things to improve their economy.

It is estimated that some of the US have refused to wear masks and avoid precautions decorated by health experts.

On July 2, there were more than 55 thousand 500 cases. But on Tuesday, breaking the highest record, more than 60 thousand peoples were positive.

Initially, we had seen only the elderly getting infected, but now we are seeing 30 to 40 years old and young children getting infected. So It is very harder.

People were fueled up with increasing cases. But according to US President Donald Trump! His country is in a good state during the epidemic.

Where are the major corona hotspots?

WHO reports on Donald Trump’s claim.
Covid-19 has exploded in states such as Texas, California, Florida, and Arizona. At the same time, the early hotspots such as new york have been able to reduce the new case of Covid-19.

More than 10,000 cases a day have been reported from California and Texas.

White House advisor and Infectious Disease Expert Dr. Anthony Fauci says that America has been fighting this epidemic since the beginning.

The White House wants to reopen the schools, despite the escalation of the epidemic.

When the US Department of Education met on Wednesday with reporters, then Mr. Pence defended the government for the epidemic.

We are with all the people who suffer because what the American people did The extraordinary work of health workers is encouraged to keep the death rate low and steady.

He said that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will release new guidelines on the opening of the school.on the matter but by the expert body after that mr.trumph criticized that the schools do not open in autumn.

The President said that he wants the guidance not to be too difficult. Besides, Mr. Fancy said that the CDC would issue new guidelines that would be five different types of documents which further Will clarify the guidance very well.

Schools in the US would normally open in August or early September.

During the CDC report, it was found that the students and staff there are wearing masks. They leave only if necessary, otherwise, they stay in their house. The CDC suggested that the children’s time table in the class should be changed and they should be given space to sit in the class. And they should discontinue the communal spaces.


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